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Larry Croft served his country as an aviation electronic technician in the U.S. Navy during the period 1955-1959 and, after returning to civilian life, has worked as a computer programmer, accountant, auditor and fraud analyst in the transportation, forest products, insurance, advertising and banking industries.  

Croft graduated from Redkey, Indiana High School in 1955, Indiana University in 1975 and Arizona State University in 1993 with degrees in business and accountancy respectively. He has been licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Indiana and Arizona.

As with many people, he spent most of his productive years disengaged from the world of politics with the erroneous belief competent and honorable men and women determine the direction of the great United States of America. After his 2007 retirement and stunned by the shenanigans of politicians – mostly Washington politicians – Croft acquired an interest in following the actions of our elected officials almost to the exclusion of all else.
Croft describes himself as a “card-carrying” fiscal conservative who believes the only legitimate role for government is, with very few exceptions, administering programs private sector businesses and able-bodied citizens cannot do for themselves. He champions maintaining a strong defense and a sound infrastructure for the safety and comfort of its citizens. 

He believes entitlement programs and government meddling with free enterprise contribute to a nation’s decay. 

He and his wife, Wanda, live in Apache County, Arizona with the world’s six greatest dogs.

Read Writings of Larry Croft